28 May 2013

PlanetBlueTours Top 10 airplane tips.

This week I was inundated by literarily 2 whole emails asking, “Michael what are your top 10 airplane tips”. So on my recent flight to Beijing, China with my brother Joshua and I -  we deliberated and came up with our top ten airplane tips.

Watch or Read - get the best of both.


Watch or Read - get the best of both.

Sitting in our economy class seat on China Airlines (which is based in Taiwan) flying to Beijing, China getting ready for our ‘Don’t Stop The Travel: Beijing’ web series we tried to come up with our list.

I mean we are both long term travellers, we both work for PlanetBlueTours the best travel company out there ever. I have been around the world 29932 times and he has dealt directly with over a million clients always giving the best travel advice.

Simple right? Wrong.

It’s not that we couldn't come up with top 10 airplane travel tips.

We just couldn’t agree!

Funnily enough our points where very similar, just different sides of the same coin. Joshua decided that you should not drink ANY water while on board. No water, at all. Because it means you have to get up and go to the bathroom. Thats like saying I don’t want to have a shower because it means I will have to turn on a tap and use some energy.

To set the record straight, we are brothers, by blood 100% (many people don’t believe) - we have grown up together and yet we are just so different. We couldn’t even come up with 10 each because we spent so much time bickering...

So without further ado, our top 10 airplane tips that actually turned out to be 5/6. I have listed each point and then Joshua's points with a JF and mine with an MF
  1.  Shoes - from the start we couldn't agree, JF is more concerned about having a business   meeting on board the plane as opposed to comfort.
      • Wear business shoes or heels - JF
      • Wear your most comfortable shoes eg. loafers - MF
  2. Dress well- we both agreed you don't wear track pants and a daggy jumper on board but again two different extremes.
      • Dress to impress - long sleeve cotton shirt with cufflinks and some nice pants - JF
      • Casual is king - nice t-shirt with some cool denim - MF
  3. Noise cancelling headphones - the only point we both unanimously agreed on.
      • invest in a good pair of good quality noise cancelling headphones to beat the drone of an airplane - MF
  4. Don't pack light!
      • Bring everything you can on board, laptop, camera, mobile phone, ipod, ipad, pens and pencils. You never know when you may get super bored and really wish you had some paper to draw on - MF
  5. Clean socks.
      • You will most likely take your shoes off, so save a life and wear clean socks - JF
  6. Drink lots of water VS Don't drink any water.
      • The boffins over at the Joshua Institute of Bad Science believe that you shouldn't drink any water during your flight because it will mean you will have to get out of your seat and go pee. - JF
      • Every single sane medical professional, health professional and every other sort of professional recommend plenty of water while on your flight and as a travel professional, so do I. - MF

So there you have it.

Our top 10 airplane tips, brought to you by the best in the business *winks*



  1. Hahaha this made me laugh, travelling with you guys was so much fun :)

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